Marble Grain Curtain Wall


Product Description:

Item Name Aluminum Solid Panel
Item No. RAB1600121
Thickness 0.8-6.0mm( according your detail drawings)
Width ≤1900mm  ( according your detail drawings)
Length ≤8000mm ( according your detail drawings)
Surface finishing PVDF coating/ powder coating
Shape regular or any shape we can do upon the CAD drawing
Color Solid color, Metallic Color, Wooden/Stone Color, customized
Application 1. For the curtain wall, both outer-side and inner side/Ceiling
2. Underground/Airport/Bus station/Railway station, etc
3. Office building/Shopping mall/Hotel/Restaurant/School/Hospital/ Meeting room, etc
4. Handrail/Column/Lobby/Corridor, etc
5. Kitchen/bathroom/living room/office/shopping mal/conference room/laboratory/exhibition hall, etc
Warranty 8~15 Years based on different coating

Structural Drawing:





1. Light weight,good rigidity and strength
2. good fire resistance,anti - corrosion, heat stability
3. Excellent UV resistance, excellent weather resistance of surface, superior resistance to acid and alkali. Shelf life is 15 years without discoloration under normal outdoor environment.
4.Good form ability, can be formed to plane, arc and complicated shape, such as sphere and tower.
5.Hard-to-stain,easy to clean and maintain
6.Wide range of color optional, excellent decoration effect
7. Easy to recycle, no pollution

Packaging & Shipping:


OEM service:

Free OEM production for all customer


We guarantee that the product can be used outdoors for more than 15 years,indoors for more than 8 years.


If have any quality problem, please provide us the photos which describe the problem. We will replace the product after verification.


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