Hyperbolic Aluminum Panel



Hyperbolic aluminum panel with high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, after cutting, folding, bending arc, welding, reinforced, sanding, painting and other processes and other processes processed metal curtain wall products. Aluminum veneer as a primary to select objects building exterior decoration, which is compared with the tiles, glass, aluminum panels, honeycomb panels, marble etc., because of its unique advantages and has a broad development space.
Hyperbolic aluminum veneer characteristics, determines its unusual production process. But it can be simply described as: according to the design drawings of hyperbolic as a module, then use the module open aluminum materials, After welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning, painting, and such a hyperbolic aluminum veneer was made out. Hyperbolic aluminum veneer products was used for building lobbies, airports, railway stations, major public facilities, stadiums, national characteristics and building high-end buildings.

Item Name Hyperbolic Aluminum Panel
Thickness 1-4mm
Common Width No more than 800 mm
Common Length No more than 1200 mm
Surface Finishing PVDF coating/powder coating/polyester coating/wood-grain coating
Shape Regular or any shape we can do upon the CAD drawing
Color Solid Color, Wooden/Stone Color, Customized
Application 1. For the curtain wall, both outside and inside 
2. Underground/Airport/Bus station/Railway station/Ceiling
3. Office building/Shopping mall/Hotel/Restaurant/School/Hospital/Meeting room
4. Handrail/Column/Lobby/Corridor
5. Kitchen/Bathroom/Living room/Laboratory/Exhibition hall,etc
Warranty 5-20 years based on different coating
Features 1. Light weight, high intensity
2. Good fire resistant, anti-erosion, thermal stability
3. Excellent UV resistance, weather resistance of surface
4. Good ductility to complicated shape, such as sphere and irregular shape
5. Hard to stain, easy to clean and maintain
6. 100% recyclable, no pollution

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