Rock Wool Sandwich Panel




1.Name: Rock wool Sandwich Panel
2.Other Type: PU/EPS/ROCK WOOL/Glass fiber
3.Materials: Color Steel sheet or aluminum


1. Weight: 20-120kg/m3, easy to install(don’t need crane), save more construction period and low the cost.
2. Excellent Sound Insulation, heat insulation, waterproof and damp resistant with it's good appearance.
3. Large load: Used as supporting structure and defense device for it's characteristic of high intension rigidity.
4. Panel length is according to the buyer's request, and the steel color is flexible based on the RAL standard, that makes your building more beautiful.
5. Eco-friendly.

1. Light weight: Save cost
2. Easy installation
3. Safety: Fire-proof materials
4. Good sound insulation
5. Meet specials designs due to it is easy to form and cut

Steel Thickness 0.2~0.6mm
Panel thickness 50/75/100/125/150/200 mm
Effective width (1) 950/mm ---for roof 
(2) 950/1150mm---for wall or ceiling
Length According to customer's request,less than 11.8m
Materials Inner is Rockwool,two sides is Color steel tile 
Structure three layers:
(1)upper layer is steel sheet,
(2)the inner layer is Rock wool sandwich ,
(3)the bottom layer is also steel sheet
Rockwool density 120(kg/m³),etc
color blue,whitegrey,or other colors .
Parts Steel line for easy connect one by one
Film covering in order to protect the steel of panels
lifetime 15~20 years
Character Light in weight, heat insulation, fireproof and waterproof,environmental
Use various roofs and walls referring to the large size factory buildings,storages, 
exhibition halls, gymnasiums ,etc
Packing Packed by shipping Container or according to your demands


Workshop, temporary office/building, gymnasium, villa, mobile building, guard booth,wall & roof materials for steel building or structure.

The Parameter of the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel:


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