A Grade Fireproof Metal Composite Insulation Plate



1. Face plate: aluminum alloy(3003),thickness 0.5mm/1.0mm, coated with fluorine carbon resin (PVDF)
2. Honeycomb core: Inorganic composite made of non-fire material(Grade A fireproof), thickness: 30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm.
3. Fireproof glue: thickness 0.2mm, polyurethane.
4. Frame: Shape "L" galvanized steel


Product Name Aluminum Grade A Fireproof Insulation Wall Panels
Radioactivity 1Ra≤1.0, 1Rr≤1.0
Thermal Conductivity 0.04-0.064W/m.k
Tensile Strength ≥0.1Mpa
Heat Storage Coefficient ≥0.95
Combustion Performance incombustibility
Compressive Strength ≥0.5Mpa
Water Absorption ≤12V/v%



The Install Diagram:


Standard size 1220*2440*3mm and 1220*2440*4mm
Accepted Width Max:1500mm
Accepted Length Max:4000mm
Accepted Thickness 30mm,50mm,80mm,100mm
Aluminum alloy thickness  0.5mm
Feature: 1)Super werther resistance ;
2)Light weight easy to process; 
3)Excellent fire resistance;   
4)Excellent impact strength;  
5)Uniform and colorful coating ;  
6)Easy maintenance...and so on.
Frame Shape "L" galvanized steel
Package  details wood pallet or in bulk( In order to protect the panel, top, bottom, sides and ends of the pallet are protected with polystyrene and paper corner to ensure safe packing and delivery).
Delivery details: 20-30 days after order confirmed

Finished Product Size:

1. 0.5mm face sheet: finished thickness:30mm/50mm/80mm/100mm; width:600mm; length:1200mm
2. 1.0mm face sheet: finished thickness:50mm/80mm/100mm
Nonstandard size scale: no more than 4000mm long; no more than 1500mm width; M.O.Q:1000 square meters for each size
Surface treatment: Surface 70% fluorocarbon resin paint, continuous roll: 2-coat 25 microns; three-coat three bake 31 microns or anodized


1. In the APCP series, fireproof aluminum composite panel uses a newly developed core material - polymer inorganic materials, thus improving the performance of the fire made a leap up to A-level standard,
2. Able to meet building regulations fire protection requirements, but also broke the traditional aluminum plate is not fireproof bottleneck. Product rigidity figure.
3. APCP level can be made a variety of colors, can be designed for the purpose of pattern matching.
4. APCP is a continuous thermal compound production technology, so compared with the single sheet metal material, the surface flatness, especially large-sized plate is more obvious for building decoration, has totally one smooth appearance.


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