Grid Ceiling


Grid ceiling, also known as "open ceiling", includes cells, screens, tubes and baffles. Deeply favored by designers, these products differ a lot in appearances and styles, and can create unique design effects. The open and transparent structure of the product makes it suitable for venues that feature high-density of people flow and require proper ventilation, transportation facilities and commercial spaces in particular.

▪ Flexible style created by more than 40 varieties under 4 categories
▪ Featuring durable pre-coated high grade aluminum alloys, rich color options
▪ Employing roll-forming or stamp forming process that ensures high precision and stability
▪ Panels can be perforated to boost outstanding acoustical performance
▪ Different panels in collaboration with different installation systems create diversified visual effects
▪ Easy combination with lighting, sprayer and HAVC systems, convenient for maintenance


Items Standard Specifications and Parameters
Substrate High-grade pre-coated aluminum alloy
Processing Continuous roll-forming or stamp-forming
Thickness 0.5mm~1.0mm
Surface coating Polyester coating (others available upon request)
Colors A wide range of colors customized
FR Standard A2 GB8624-2006

V-shaped Aluminum Sheet Ceiling


Aluminum baffle ceiling unidirectional slats installed to form a one-way screen-level vision; crisp lines and elegant, choose the appropriate height, with appropriate visual angle, can produce curtain effect; less of their maintenance limit, so that thousands of design changes, the whole building space spacious transparent. Aluminum baffle ceiling series include: 1. inline type 2hooked type 3. curtain type aluminum.
Aluminum baffle ceiling feature: highlighting the romanticism, the overall permeability, ventilation is good, strong three-dimensional sense. Having radiation, fire, moisture, thermal insulation function. Suitable for all kinds of large public buildings in the channel, airports, exhibition halls, shopping centers, railway stations, tunnel corridors.
Aluminum baffle ceiling Common specifications are: layout width 80,100,110,125,150,300mm, thickness 0.8-1.2mm, length of 2-6 meters. (Note: or by customer’s design).
Surface treatment of aluminum baffle ceilings are generally divided into: electrostatic spraying, fluorocarbon, polyester paint, wood, marble, frosted drawing, film.

Product name V-ShapeD aluminum ceiling
Material Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy
Surface treatment Normal printing, Laser transfer printing
High-glossy printing, anti-UV printing
Spray painted
Powder coated(ordinary powder, polyester powder)
Feature 1.Aluminum ceiling is the  upgraded product of PVC ceiling
2.With anti-scratch layer, no fading
3. Fire-Proof , Smoke-Proof , Heat-Insulation
4. Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Water-Resistant
5. Sound –Absorbing, Sound –Proof, ECO-friendly
6. Easy to install and clean
Sample available Yes
Delivery time 10~15 days

Typical Applications:

Airport, bus-stop, office, meeting room, shopping mall, super marketing , Large public area, Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurant, Lobby, reception area, public space


▪ Special linear design suitable for large space
▪ Durable, clean look in a variety of standard sizes
▪ It can be easily adapted to suit building layouts and unique aesthetical requirements by various panel sizes
▪ One-step molding manufacture technology
▪ Easy installation by matched grid system
▪ Open feel and fashion design

Aluminum U-type Ceiling


Aluminum U-type ceiling is one of the modern production of ceiling material,with an open field of vision, ventilation, and its crisp lines and neat, structured, reflecting the simple and clear, modern style, easy installation and removal, in recent years become popular in the decorative market's main products.


U-type ceiling through a continuous roll or roll forming, the mounting structure for the special keel snap structure, installation method is similar to an ordinary strip pinch, simple and convenient, suitable for indoor decoration (keel design windproof card code).
U-type ceiling can choose different heights and spacing, can be one high and one low, a sparse a dense, coupled with reasonable colors, so that the ever-changing design, to design a different decorative effect. Meanwhile, the aluminum side through a pass-through, you can put lighting, air conditioning systems, fire fighting equipment placed in the ceiling to reach the overall consensus of the perfect visual effect.

U-type ceiling simple installation and maintenance is also very convenient, since each aluminum side through a separate, free installation and removal without special tools, easy maintenance and repair.


Engineering for concealing many crowded public places, to facilitate the flow of air, exhaust, cooling at the same time, can make light distribution, so that the whole space bright and spacious. Widely used in subway, high-speed rail between stations, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, channel, leisure facilities, public health, building facades and other open spaces.



Material:Aluminum alloy
Thickness: 0.6-1.2 mm
Height:70 100 150 200 250 300mm;
Plate Width:20-300mm;
Length: 2-6 meters
Note: You can press request custom processing Packaging: carton

Selection Techniques:

1. Material.
Aluminum on the market are the following: according to international aluminum label is divided into 1100,3003,5005 and other type; by strength aluminum alloy into H24, H18, etc.; or ordinary aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy. Most ceiling materials on the market are ordinary aluminum, which is characterized by low intensity, the general flatness, toughness, not deformed. Without a good base, it will greatly affect the ceiling’s life.

2. Surface Treatment
Surface treatment are the following: spray, paint, roller, lamination. Wherein the spray, paint life is short, prone to chromatic aberration, roller centered life; Film coated plate can reach 20 years life and does not change color.

3. Techniques
The process is the adhesive sheet has a surface, which is relatively ignored  by consumer. If the process is not good to affect the life of the product is very large, ceiling factory processing technology on the market are very different, a lot of small plants basically take workshops, reducing the process life. When the recommended ceiling choosed, we must understand clearly this one.

1, according to the requirements of the horizontal plane, vertical aspect required to pull a good
2, according to the appropriate spacing lifting metal frame (38 or 50 of the keel), generally 1-2 meters spacing, boom predetermined distance distribution of light steel keel.
3, the pre-installed on the keel hanging pieces, along with light steel keel keel mounted below the keel and keel spacing is generally 1-2 meters, must adjust same level after assembling.
4, the series type aluminum ceiling knotting hanging in the keel in order, then fix the ceiling with PB type keel, the tip of the PB keel should be kept space 10mm or 20mm
5,Gloves must be weared, if they leave fingerprints or smudges, wipe and dry it


1,colorful, well-durable, do not fade,
2,environmental protection, fire and moisture,
3,the species diversity, pattern, color can be customized according to user requirements,
4,Art smallpox full of personalization,
5,with high intensity and excellent flexibility.

Model Thickness Width Height
U20 0.6-1.0 20 50-100
U25 0.6-1.0 25 50-120
U30 0.6-1.5 30 50-150
U50 0.8-2.0 50 50-600
U80 0.8-2.0 80 50-600


Aluminum O-type Ceiling


Quick Details:

Type: Ceiling Tiles Place of Origin: Henan,China (Mainland) Brand Name: winstrongtech
Model Number: O-shaped Pipe Baffle Aluminum Ceiling System Function: Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Sound-Absorbing, Soundproof, Waterproof Feature: Artistic Ceilings, Honeycomb Ceilings, Integrated Ceilings, Perforated Ceilings
Ceiling Tile Shape: Irregular Ceiling Tile Type: Metal Ceilings Surface Treatment: Spray Painted, Powder Painted
Metal Ceiling Material: Aluminum Material: Aluminum Installation Guide: Support
Accessories: Available Processing Surface: Powder Coated Color: Customized
Diameter: 50mm        


1. Open space through.
2. A high degree of consistency, with neatly
3. In favor of ventilation and fire sprinkler layout and organization of visual effects
4. May be prescribed aircraft systems
5. Color uniform, the indoor use of the same color quality and 10 years
6. Connected firm can be repeated for each Assembly and disassembly
7. Easy to match a variety of lamps and fixtures
8. To facilitate equipment maintenance.


Convex Pipe Diameter 50mm
Concave Pipe Diameter 50mm
Material: Aluminum
Processing Surface: Powder Coating
Feature: Fireproof,Insulation,Moisture-Proof,Mould-Proof,Smoke-Proof,Sound-Absorbing,Soundproof,Waterproof
Type: O-shaped Pipe Baffle Ceiling System
Installation Guide: Support
Accessories: Available

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: Package: Protective Film, Strong Carton
Delivery Detail: 10-20 days after receive deposit

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