Article C Buckle Ceiling


Main features:

▪ Appearance and the color range: clear and smooth lines, all sorts of beautiful appearance, assigned to dozens of standard colors can be combined in a variety of decorative style, create a different visual effect;

▪ More practical, material loss is low: less than 7 meters of any size can be customized according to the size of the site;

▪ Structure is simple: the mounting structure for the standard keel snap structure, the appearance of smooth, no clearance;

▪ Easy to install and dismantle, easy maintenance: the keel by the horizontal lifting is good, go to the plate buckle, each board is independent, can put each plate individually disassembled, it is much easier to maintain;

▪ Flexible matching: a fixed modulus of gripping teeth on special keel, the same keel, for a variety of board sizes with a flexible, providing more design ideas and decorative effects for consumers;

▪ Alternatively Hole, on the back of a sound absorbing ceiling pasted non-combustion paper or absorbent cotton has better sound-absorbing effect;

▪ Home application, widely used for factories, hallway, kitchen and bathroom, balcony, children of single rooms etc.

Linear Aluminum Ceiling Panel 


C300, C100 strip aluminum ceiling panels with high-quality AA3003H44 aluminum-manganese alloy as base material, through roll forming, high strength, high flattening performance, continuous roll technology guarantees zero chromatic aberration, durable beautiful decorative effect .

It is worth mentioning: a unique keel with a draft of snaps, prevent wind flips the sheet. This design uses more widely, in addition to interior is also suitable for outdoor building. Scope: buildings, theaters, hotels, exhibition centers, conference centers, hospitals, subways, airports and the like.

Space Effect:



The system highlights versatility, allowing a variety of panel specifications and installation options. The Linear ceiling employs smooth, clean lines that stretch out overhead to create a staggered, multilayered look that offers interesting possibilities for directional room design and space modernization. The wide range of product collections allows designers to freely use their imagination to the fullest and lavish the design with colorful expressions. With diversified shapes, colors, dimensions as well as unlimited combinations of them, linear ceiling helps architects create unique visual effect in different architectural spaces.

▪ Panel width from 30mm to 225mm
▪ Panel standard length of up to 6,000mm, ultra long size available upon request
▪ Curved, beveled, vertical or spliced edges
▪ Panel can be perforated or curved
▪ Dozens of carrier systems to go with design requirements
▪ Open and close joints available
▪ A decoration strip is provided to seal the open joints


Model Thickness Width Height
C25 0.3-0.4 25 15
C50 0.4-0.5 50 15
C75 0.4-0.5 75 15
C100 0.4-0.6 100 15
C150 0.5-0.8 150 15
C200 0.5-0.8 200 15
C300 0.6-0.8 300 15


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