All industries are working together to fight with greenhouse effect, so is automobile industry. Korean car manufacturers are committing to produce lighter vehicles with higher fuel burning efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emission.
Kia Motors Corp. claimed that the newest model—Niro has applied the productions from Novelis Inc., the leader of aluminum car productions in America, to made the car cover and the tailgate. At the same time, Hyundai Motor also used aluminum to made IONIQ, the new Hybrid Electric Vehicle. As we all know, HEVs are usually heavier than normal cars with extra hybrid power system like electromotor. After applying aluminum, they have reduced almost 12.4 kilograms for the cars.
Aluminum has more and more become main materials of automobile industry. As far as Chinalco’s net is concerned, 75% of North American cars will use aluminum as one of main materials to 2025. Thus, the demand will increase from 90000 tons in 2012 to 1818000 tons.