In the long run, short-term quick growth in aviation demand will stimulate aluminum alloy consumption.

In the next twenty years, the production of combination aircrafts as well as the number of passengers will double. According to Deloitte statistics, the freight volume of goods and passengers in future twenty years will increase at the rate of 4.6% and 4.4% separately, promoting the need of aircrafts. Under the demand of efficient fuel burning, low maintenance cost as well as reducing noise and waste emission, airplane manufacturers will optimize the project to design new aircrafts. At the end of the third season of 2015, the orders of Airbus and Boeing has totaled 12400.

ALFED revealed that the building speed of narrow-body aircrafts and long-range aircrafts will raise continuously so that aluminum alloy will be more and more used in aviation and embrace a bright future. Aluminum can play an important role in airplane producing just like what it has played in auto industry.

Advanced processing technology will help designer to creative anti-corrosion products with low density and high strength.