An experienced senior of metal industry predicted, in order to reduce carbon emission, each European MLJ car will apply 180 KG recycled aluminum averagely by 2020.
The global goal of reducing greenhouse effect has transferred the demand of steel and other heavy metals into aluminum.
Gerd Gotz, the chairman of European Aluminum Association, said that the average usage of aluminum for each car was 140 KG in 2012 and will increase to 180 KG which is mainly used as rolled plates and extrusion plates. “This will be downstream aluminum industry engine of growth,” Gotz added on a conference of aluminum in Cape Town.
Under the mandatory targets of European Commission in 2015, manufacturers need to insure that the emission of carbon dioxide of each car produced should be less than 130g every kilometer, which is going to be reduced to 95g per kilometer by 2021.
 Ranging from doors to engines, car manufacturers including Benz, Audi, Volkswagen as well as Peugeot are expected to use more aluminum. Gotz also said,” the aluminum from scraped cars can be reused for a long time.”