The latest research of WBMS showed that the deficit of global aluminum market in 2015 reached 356 thousand tons while that in 2014 was 589 thousand tons.
Compared with last year, the output of primary aluminum has increased 4103 kt at a rate of 8%. The sum of reported metal storage in December of 2015 reduced 6000 tons, and the amount of the whole year storage kept 3783 kt, which was enough to satisfy the need of twenty four days. And that of year 2014 was 5020 kt.
In 2015, China has produced 31410 kt primary aluminum, which accounts for 55% of the global output. That of European Union has reduced and North American Free Trade Agreement has reduced separately by 9.3% and 2.2% compared with last year. Especially, the primary aluminum output in December was 4502.8 kt and the consumption was 4441.3 kt.
The exporting amount of net aluminum semi-finished production of China in 2015 was 4227 kt, which increased a lot compared to 3652 kt in 2014.
The statistic of WBMS also showed that the global gross requirement in 2015 has increased by 7.19% to 57.71 million tons. China’s apparent demand has increased by 14.2% and that of 28 countries in European Union also increased 25 kt.