On March 8th of 1909, female workers in Illinois of Chicago gone on a strike to demand more salary, the right to vote and the working system of eight hours. They won at last and have got support from the whole country even all over the world. They have also showed the power of female ones.
On this special day, our company organized all female members to have fun in Wulong Mountain. Big smiles on all women’s faces and snack in everyone’s bag, the journey started. Newly opened, the whole spot is fresh and peaceful. At first, we went to the amusement park, relaxing ourselves in screaming and shouting while taking all kinds of exciting facilities like rollercoaster. Then, we came to merry-go-round which has recalled the happy life in childhood. The last stop is an animal park, all girls became gentle and joyful while watching monkeys riding bikes and taking photos with cute giraffes.
The journey ended with a lot of fun and we all felt the concerns from our society. Happy women’s day and wish you a sweet life!