New energy vehicle is an emerging branch of industrial development of the automobile market,new energy vehicles is different with conventional cars,it is the use of a battery as a power to drive the car run.It affected by the weight of batteries, battery mileage restriction and high pressure of automobile energy-saving emission reduction policies,on vehicle design and material application, its lightweight car body issues to consider first.
According to the communicate results of the aluminum market research agency- Beijing Bai Hui with a number of new energy auto makers,mature technology of aluminum alloy material is the first selection of new energy car companies.Therefore,the related aluminum enterprises should seize the opportunity of rapid development of new energy vehicle,do aluminum in the application of new energy vehicles development.
SAIC own brand - Roewe will push 5 new energy vehicles in recent years.By 2020, SAIC new energy vehicles will reach an annual output of 200,000 goal.
New energy vehicles other than cars to the amount of aluminum,the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles, aluminum will promote the hot new energy vehicles in this segment,the related aluminum enterprises should focus on the development of China's new energy automotive industry,seize the opportunity to cooperate with car companies,develop a high-performance, applicability or aluminum deep processing of aluminum parts,meet the application requirements of new energy automotive lightweight.