Do a good job of environmental protection, the tax department of Guangxi innovative ways of tax services through the implementation of tax incentives and tax optimization services, convergence boost green power development, promote the development of industry in Guangxi.
Aluminum Corporation of China limited Guangxi pingguo bauxite mining operations area, and covers an area of more than, of all the land used for mining will end up as much as 100,000 acres, 1/4 per cent of land area, pingguo. If measures are not taken, mining area ecosystem be destroyed. The construction of protection-typed mine, Guangxi branch of aluminium in an important part of development.
Guangxi, the internal revenue service against the company requires a lot of land reclamation in the goaf mining of bauxite mining equipment, the purchase of equipment characteristics of large VAT, has organized a door-to-door tax officials carried out professional guidance to help clarify the tax-related business enterprises. Meanwhile, docking services to assist enterprises and enterprises enjoy enterprise income tax preferential policies for the Western development, to reduce the financial pressure. 2002-2014, the State Tax Department 1.915 billion yuan of enterprise income tax relief for companies, reduce the burden on enterprises, setting up eco-aluminum base has played a great role.