Alabama joint venture steel plant AM/NS Calvert is preparing for production of the latest generation of ultra high strength steels to supply to the North American automotive industry.
Ford decided to use aluminum as main body material of the hot product F150 pickup , which will undoubtedly put pressure on the steel industry, the steel industry will be forced to take measures to respond to the increasingly fierce competition, reduce vehicle body weight.
Calvert partner in Luxembourg Arcelormittal, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal jointly invest $ 80 million to improve the Calvert plant.
It is expected that in early 2017 Calvert will ship the first batch of ultra high strength steel to automotive manufacturers.
Although the steel industry has made many efforts to this end, but the white metal can reduce body weight and therefore still a loud voice in the car line. There will be more and more car manufacturers add aluminum to the new trend is to make the cars they produce is more valuable, while reducing costs.