The ceilings are usually made of unique materials and decorative lightings to cover the roof. Generally, there are five types of ceilings: flat ceilings, profiled ceilings, partial ceilings, grating ceilings and caisson ceilings.

Profiled ceilings are normally applied in bedrooms and study rooms. In apartments on lower floors, even the living rooms can be decorated by profiled ceilings. Why is it so widely used? Processed with profiled ceilings, the whole roof is divided into two parts: one is the hidden pipelines inside the ceilings, and the other is the lightings installed on the ceilings. So it has expanded the space visually and created an open atmosphere. As for the shape, the ceilings are in cloud-like wavy lines or in irregular curves. And to achieve the best result, the profiled part should account at most for one third of the whole wall.

The aluminum profiled ceilings has possessed both advantages of aluminum panels, such as being light and solid, and the beautiful designs. So it is applied in more and more fields, not only private houses but also public buildings.
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