04-29 2016

Brief introduction of EPS sandwich panels

Brief introduction of EPS sandwich panels

04-28 2016

Brief Introduction of PU sandwich panels

PU Sandwich panel (Polyurethane sandwiched panel )is composed of 2 layers of weather-proof colored steel sheets and jetted the hard forms of polyurethane between 2 layers.

04-23 2016

Russian aluminum (Rusal) expects its production this year may be flat with last year

Russian aluminum (Rusal) expects its production this year may be flat with last year.

04-22 2016

Aluminium prices rised

Aluminium prices create the biggest rise this year, promoted by improved economic prospects in China

04-20 2016

Aluminum suspended ceilings / panels

The Stretch panel system can be used for walls, shapes, free floating panels and other framed structures.

04-13 2016

How often do you clean your ceilings

Aluminum ceilings with smooth surface is waterproof and mouldproof thus dirtproof but also customized.

04-12 2016

Know more about aluminum alloy

Instead of pure metal, aluminum alloy which can be divided into seven series by their features are applied in daily life widely.

04-11 2016

Benefits of metal construction materials—Diverse Choices

There are several kinds of metal like aluminum and steel are applied as building materials for its fearures of long likecycle aand free maintenance.

04-11 2016

Benefits of metal construction materials—diverse choices

There are several kinds of metal like aluminum and steel are widely applied as construction materials for its features of long lifecycle and free maintenance.

04-09 2016

Benefits of aluminum construction materials—Versatile

Versatile aluminum construction materials make it possible for designers and building owners to achieve whatever look they want.

04-08 2016

Benefits of aluminum construction materials—Economical

Aluminum building materials offer a lot of cost-saving benefits like lower maintenance costs and tax benefits.

04-07 2016

Hot-pressing technology

Aluminum honeycomb panels in Winstrong are compounded through hot-pressing technology which has highly improved the flatness of panels.

03-28 2016

Zhengzhou Price: Barometer of Aluminum Futures in Central China

The aluminum futures designated delivery library of SHFE with an approved capacity of ten thousand tons has held the launch ceremony in Zhengzhou.

03-25 2016

The differences between Brush Coating, Spay Coating and Transfer Printing

There are four main kinds of surface treatment for aluminum panels, which are introduced in details and in comparison.

03-24 2016

The advantages of Steel Structure building

Steel structure refers to the use Steel Plate and hot rolled, cold bending steel or welding section steel through fitting connection parts can withstand and transfer loading.

03-23 2016

Micro Perforated Acoustical Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Our high quality microperforated ceiling tile is made of 100% Aluminum.

03-22 2016

Sandwich panel

A sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers.

03-17 2016

About Aluminum Composite Panel

Winstrong Aluminum Composite Panel can be easily fabricated and shaped. It adapts perfectly to the building’s contour, whether it is soft curves or straight lines rising into the sky.

03-16 2016

About Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum honeycomb Panel is a decorative material with excellent properties.

03-14 2016

Tips of choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows

As the result of high producing cost, quality aluminum windows and doors are generally more expensive than normal productions by 30%.

03-05 2016

Profiled ceilings

The ceilings are important parts of interior decoration with artistic lines and magic effect to expand the space visually.

03-03 2016

What is laser engraving

Laser engraving is controled by computers which rarely goes wrong and the patterns can be designed totally by customers requirements. So it is an important and efficient step for aluminum procesing.

03-02 2016

Get more about aluminum industry through the coating panels

The presence of coating aluminum panels have expanded the usage of aluminum sheets and optimized the quality. It allows cuotomers to order the panels totally follow their own design, and is easy-getti…

03-01 2016

The installation of aluminum honeycomb panels

In special design, aluminum honeycomb is light, sound-absorbing, good-looking and easy-installation. There are mainly three way of installation with different features, by lifting lugs, turnups and al…

12-08 2015

Germanys Largest Aluminum Casting Enterprises Settled in Tianjin

A few days ago, Germanys largest aluminum foundry enterprises han terman company in tianjin airport economic zone of the han terman light metal casting (Tianjin).